Judaism for Humans

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/ˈjo͞odāˌizəm,ˈjo͞odēˌizəm/   Judaism is the strength to believe that humans and the lives of humans have value.

The Story of Judaism
  1. Egypt was terrible, but the Hebrews didn't have anywhere to go.
  2. How did things become so crazy?
  3. How did the Hebrews manage to survive that?
  4. What?! And, then what happened?
  5. That's amazing.
  6. OK. That's great for the Hebrews, but I'm a human.
  7. Are you kidding? What are the instructions?
  8. Judaism is for humans.

Egypt was Terrible, but the Hebrews Didn't Have Anywhere to Go

Three thousand years ago, millions of Hebrews were suffering in Egypt. For two hundred years, Hebrews were slaves within Egypt, working for food, lodging and the privilege to continue breathing within a society that allowed Egyptian citizens to kill Hebrews with no repercussions whatsoever. Egypt was and is surrounded by a desert with communities who were and are well skilled at living in the desert and making war in the desert. Although life in Egypt was miserable and there were millions of Hebrews, a population so large that Hebrews outnumbered the Egyptians, the Hebrews continued existing within the slave class of Egyptian society because the Hebrews did not have anywhere to go, nor did the Hebrews know how to survive within the deserts beyond Egypt.

How Did Things Become So Crazy?

The Hebrews were and are descended from a family of seventy people whose patriarch was named Jacob. Jacob and his family of seventy people traveled to Egypt as the honoured and forever guests of Pharaoh, the employer of Jacob's son, Joseph. However, when Pharaoh died and Joseph died and the immediate successor of Pharaoh died, the Egyptians' perceptions of the Hebrews changed. As the Hebrew population continued to grow while continuing to practice Hebrew customs, the Egyptians decided it would be best to subjugate Hebrews to prevent them from making alliances with Egypt's enemies.

How Did the Hebrews Manage to Survive That?

In the midst of the Hebrews' suffering, an omnipotent God, known to the Hebrews from stories Hebrew parents told their children, revealed Himself to a man named Moses and told Moses plainly, "I am the God of Abraham, your ancestor. I promised Abraham I would help you. I have heard your crying. I will bring you out of that mess. I remember my promise."

With a series of fantastic miracles culminating in the horrific deaths of all the first born in Egypt, from livestock to the child of Pharaoh, millions of Hebrews walked out of Egypt. When the Hebrews arrived at the Red Sea, the water drew away on the right and left and the Hebrews continued walking to the other side. When Pharaoh's military dared to follow, the water returned to its regular behaviour and the entire Egyptian military was destroyed.

When the Hebrews arrived at Mount Sinai, God spoke to them in an audible voice, saying something like this, "I am the Lord your God. You shall have no other Gods. I will teach you what to do. Follow all of my instructions and you will live." To which the Hebrews said, "We will heed what you say. We will do what you say."

What?! And, Then What Happened?

During 40 years within the desert, an omnipotent God, acting on a promise He made to a man named Abraham that died hundreds of years before, taught the Hebrews how to survive amongst desert communities who had hundreds, maybe thousands of years more experience than the Hebrews with living, working and protecting themselves as cohesive communities within the desert. When the Hebrews emerged from following an omnipotent God's directions for 40 years within the wilderness, the Hebrews were strong enough to establish and protect themselves among the strong, desert communities.

That's Amazing

God told the Hebrews something like this, "I will make you a light unto the people within the world. You will be the smallest community, but you will be the brightest, the most resilient. With you as the example, I will show the world what humans can do when they follow my instructions. Tell everyone who will listen what I have told you." And, then he gave them a schedule for how many times a year they should read the instructions in public so everyone within listening could hear.

Are You Kidding? What are the Instructions?

God gave the Hebrews many instructions and you probably know most of them. Innocent until proven guilty. Never lie in court. Don't hurt anyone or damage their property. If you hurt someone or damage their property, pay them money. If someone needs help, help them. If they need a job, give them a job. If they need a place to stay, give them a place to stay. If they are hungry, feed them. That's just a few of them. If you'd like to learn more of these instructions, you can download the US constitution, which is full of the instructions God gave the Hebrews.

OK. That's Great for the Hebrews, but I'm a Human

The story of Judaism tells us that an omnipotent God, known to the Hebrews from stories Hebrew parents told their children, who hadn't spoken to anyone within the Hebrew clan for hundreds of years, "heard" the crying of the Hebrews during their suffering in Egypt and after 200 years, made good on His promise to Abraham who died hundreds of years before. After hundreds of years of suffering, an omnipotent God said to the Hebrews, "I remember Abraham. I remember you. I am going to get you out of this mess." And, then God told the Hebrews to tell everyone within listening radius.

Judaism is for humans.
Judaism is for you.

Live לחיים

During their time in Egypt, millions of Hebrews had a place to live all the food they could eat, but that's all the Hebrews had. Living is more than just being "alive". Living is more than just having enough to eat.

Living is having a life you can enjoy.

That is what God gave the Hebrews during 40 years within the desert: The knowledge, skills and strength to create lives the Hebrews could enjoy.

Judaism and the story of Judaism is: Humans have value.

We know what you are thinking. You are thinking, "But, I don't know what gefilte fish is..." That's OK. The Hebrews at Mount Sinai didn't know what gefilte fish is, either.

Judaism is for humans.
You are welcome.

Live לחיים

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