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Are You Beautiful?

Are You Beautiful?

September 08, 2018

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Jehan Semper

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March 18, 2019

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I have made much progress with producing Episodes 2 & 3 of Orca: Home, developing the ideas and experiences that I would like to illustrate within each film, but I have also learned that there are some ideas that are beyond the usual audience's experience and understanding.

I have invested some amount of time thinking of ways to present those ideas with rhetoric and imagery that would be understandable, but I would also say that I am more interested in creating films that _do_ illustrate what others would consider too esoteric for the usual audience.

What would be the reason to make a film that a large audience can understand when the ideas that you would truly like to express would be understood within a film with a small audience?

What is the film's true purpose? What is _anything's_ true purpose?

With those thoughts, I have created another trailer. I have created this trailer in the midst of thoughts that could be communicated as:

Within a world created by an infinite darkness known as Ein Sof, from which there is just one direct creation known as Adam Kadmon, within whom all potential for the tangible and intangible resides, emanates and could thus be perceived by humans, what is there to talk about?

When you truly understand those ideas, _what would you want to talk about_?


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