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Are You Beautiful?

Are You Beautiful?

September 08, 2018

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GD & the Knowable

GD & the Knowable

Jehan Semper

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February 12, 2019

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Have you ever watched an old movie with a scene that involves a car traveling a long distance? In these old movies, the same scenery passes before the camera repeatedly. When the activity in the film is most interesting, the audience focuses on the activity and enjoys the entertainment. However, should one choose to focus on the scenery, the repetitive rock becomes perceptible.

Within Kabbalah, the four realms are referred to as Atziluth, Beriah, Yetzirah and Asiyah. Asiyah is the world that humans perceive. When we perceive all of creation, all its four realms as the productions of a great movie, Asiyah, the world that humans perceive, would be the completed film that we see in the movie theatre.

During these many years of observing the mundane world, I have sat in the movie theatre watching the movie of human existence and I believe that I have perceived the repetitive scenery and the strange rock.

Once you perceive the strange rock, the movie is much less interesting.

Many years ago, I enjoyed playing a game called "The Sims". The Sims provided an opportunity to create, nurture and guide the lives of "people". You could create the actual person, the career they would have, how they would progress in their lives, the relationships that they would choose. You could also buy them toys. One toy that you could buy for your virtual person is a telescope.

Buying your virtual person a telescope was sort of a big decision, because when they gazed upon the stars with that telescope they increased their chances of seeing aliens. Once your virtual person had an experience with aliens, their perception of the world would change.

According to Kabbalah, there are four realms of human perception of data: literal, allegorical, abstract and the secrets. Perceiving the secrets of the world in which we live is the most impressive experience one could have.

For the virtual people of "The Sims", seeing "aliens" is the most impressive experience they could ever have and thus equated to the end of the game.

For the audience of a film, perceiving the repetitive scenery and the strange rock is the most impressive experience they could ever have. After that, the audience would only continue watching the most enjoyable films, films that continue to be enjoyable after the repetitive scenery and strange rock are perceived.

In this film we call human existence, the vast majority of the audience does not perceive the repetitive scenery and the strange rock and thus they continue watching.

For those that perceive the repetitive scenery and strange rock, Judaism provides a path toward continued enjoyment of the film.

What would be the reason for that? Asiyah is what we have.


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