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Need $ for Food! The Truth of Life as a Human

THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS / Closer to the Edge 4:59

Jehan Semper

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September 01, 2019

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Need $ for Food! / VIDEO

The Worth of One Life

Up in the Air / Thirty Seconds To Mars / Church of Mars

there is the song
of sheaves of barley
the pauper, his blessing to glean

for there is such a thing
as cold and famine
so much of this thing
I have seen

there was such a time
when I thought myself beautiful
when I was loathe to eat

when I stood near lamp posts
pressed my body to walls
lest the wind lift me off of my feet

I believed beauty
to be a great blessing
something which I received

something for which
I could give thanks
an invite to do more than eat

there was that day
when I saw them walking
full and praising health

it would seem to be true
that being loved, eating food
is the sole true form of wealth

now I am as they
standing and strong
praying among the barley
well on my feet

these days, this famine
I have eyes that see
just an invite to do more than eat


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